What is Open Access

Most publishers are moving towards open access policy. Because they believe that making the journal open access promotes global accessibility and uptake, benefiting both the professional and scientific communities as well as the general public, all of our readers and authors benefit from free open access. In order to provide free access to readers, and to cover the costs of peer review, copyediting, typesetting, online hosting and archiving, journal production, and journal management, an article processing charge (APC) applies to the accepted papers after the peer review process.

Article Processing Charges

Article Submission Charges

Article Submission Charges (ASC) do not apply.

Text changes after the layout

In the final copy-editing phase, authors can revise and approve the accepted manuscript. After the author's approval, the layout will begin. Before publication, the author must proofread the final galleys. Proofreading corrects typesetting errors and does not introduce new text changes, which require a new page layout. If changes are made during final proofreading and production, then the journal will charge the author Galley Change Fees (GCF). The GCF per hour is $30.00 (excl. VAT).

Accepted Currencies

We accept payments in US Dollars (USD). Upon acceptance, the corresponding/submitting author will receive an e-mail with a link where the invoice currency can be changed.

Accepted Methods of Payment

IJSSER by ICR Publications currently supports the following payment methods:

- Telephonic Transfer (TT)

- Online Bank Transfer

- Debit and credit card

- Paypal

APCs are payable within 5 to 10 business days. The article will only be published once full payment has been received. If payment is done by TT, the author will be responsible for any bank transfer charges at the time of the transaction. In all cases, a receipt will be sent by email once payment has been received. Invoices are emailed shortly after acceptance to the payment contact provided by the authors. Only official invoices issued by ICR Publications (@icrp.org.uk) are valid. We do not authorize any third party to collect the APCs.

APC Discount and Waiver Policy

Members of the IJSSER Board of Directors: Our advisory board members receive a 20% discount.

IJSSER reviewers include: All reviewers will receive a 20% discount on one article submitted within the next 12 months.

We wholeheartedly support the Research4Life Access to Health Research Program. For articles presenting original research, authors whose primary funder is in the HINARI Group A countries receive a 65% discount, while authors whose primary funder is in the HINARI Group B countries receive a 35% discount. If no formal funding was received, the source country will be determined by the country of origin of the majority of the authors' institutions. If there is no majority country, the corresponding author's primary affiliation country will determine waiver eligibility.

Institutional Funding opportunities

APC fees for Open Access journals are an accepted way to defray publication costs, and most institutions have mechanisms and funding sources to cover publication costs in high-quality open-access journals. Contact your institution, department, or funder for information on APC subsidies for open-access publications. As your department benefits directly or indirectly from article publication, we're confident it will be willing to pay the APC fee in the absence of extramural funding.

English Editing and Discount Opportunity

English editing services: Get a 10% discount on English editing services from ICRP. If the authors used another professional service, please provide an English editing certificate from the company or an individual native English speaker.

Journal publication Expenses