IJSSER endorses the practice of peer review because it enables independent specialists who operate within the same academic field as the authors to evaluate and comment on the research that is being published. Additionally, it assists in the enhancement of manuscripts and enables editors to evaluate whether or not a work is suitable for publication.


Review process

The peer review process for the journal uses a double-blind system. The initial consideration is given to manuscripts by the editorial staff, and then either the Editor-in-Chief or a Section Editor decides whether or not to forward them to two expert independent reviewers.


Reviewer invitations

Reviewer invitations come from the journal's Editor-in-Chief and are sent out via email. The abstract of the manuscript will be attached to the invitation in order to assist you in deciding whether or not to accept the invitation.


Accept or decline the invitation.  

Once you have acknowledged that you will be reviewing the invitation, you will be able to download the manuscript.


Due date

Kindly finish the review by the date that was given as the deadline. Please get in touch with us if you need the deadline to be extended.


Submitting the review

The entirety of the review process is carried out on the website of the journal. Please get in touch with us if you are experiencing any difficulties in accessing the manuscript or entering your feedback.


Competing interests

If you have a potential conflict of interest, you shouldn't review a manuscript that someone else has written. If there are any conflicts of interest, please declare them during the review process.


Double-blinded peer review 

Make sure that your review comments are presented in the appropriate format in order to protect the credibility of the double-blind peer review:

1.     In Microsoft Word: Remove hidden data and personal information by inspecting your document.

2.     With PDFs in Adobe Reader, remove all personal information within the document properties.