Duty Of Confidentiality In Arbitration Process In Ethiopia

  • Negesse Asnake Ayalew Ethiopian police university college, Ethiopia
Keywords: Commercial Arbitration, Confidentiality, Privacy, Public Policy, Trade Secret


Purpose of the study: the study aims to pinpoint the status of arbitration confidentiality in Ethiopia.

Methodology:  Data were collected through document review and interviews of professionals who were selected purposively since they have a direct relation with the arbitration cases.

Finding: The finding of this research shows that the legal basis, scopes, application, and limitations of duty of confidentiality are full of debate.

Application: the Ethiopian parliament should enact new arbitration laws by taking a lesson from the New Zealand Arbitration Act and WIPO arbitration rules. Disputing parties should fill these gaps through their confidentiality contractual. The Court control and support to arbitration proceedings should be limited and confidential. Any person publication of arbitral awards should be without the identity of disputing parties.

Novelty: even if arbitration has many benefits, its application is low in Ethiopia. Therefore, this study may use as reference material for students’, disputing parties, and also the input for police and lawmakers


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