IJSSER accepts and reviews the scientific research articles within the journal's scope. The research work must be original and not submitted before to any journal and other content websites. At the submission time, IJSSER strongly recommends you to follow the journal guidelines and available journal manuscript format. Any submission without the journal guidelines and design will be declined without any notice because these types of submissions become the cause of the overwork load on the journal administrative team and can create the deviation to follow the journal guidelines by the reviewers.

IJSSER will accept your submission if you follow these guidelines,

As mentioned above, the submitted article must be original, never submitted before.

-Plagiarism-free policy: IJSSER has a plagiarism-free policy. Please check the plagiarism at their end to avoid any convincing cause. All the submitted papers go through Turnitin software.

-Title format: As per the IJSSER manuscript format, the title of the manuscript must adequately describe the content of the contribution.

-Authors Details: Please add the complete author’s details in the manuscript with full author name, affiliation (department, university, city, country), email address, and ORCID with updated profile. Authors are responsible for their information as the journal requirement. Please note that the journal will never edit the author's details after the final review process and publication.

-Pre-review process: To ensure the double-blinded pre-review process, IJSSER believes in preventing the author's and reviewers' information from being known to each other's. For this, the author must remove their citation and eliminate their name from the file info.

          The authors have submitted their information in the second file. Such as

          File one: Manuscript file

          File two: Authors details

Abstract Format: IJSSER believes that the abstract is a significant part of the manuscript, summarizing the whole article. In this point of view, the abstract must be written within 300 to 350 words by following the subheading below and according to the journal format.

-Purpose of the study.


-Main Findings.

-Research limitations/implications:


Keywords: IJSSER allows adding the (4-6) keywords, which should be mentioned at least once in the abstract and more than four times in the article text.

Body Text: The author must follow the journal format for the contribution structure. The journal format is available on the journal website. The body text must be included


-Literature Review


-Results or Analysis



-Limitation of the study

-Future recommendations

-Acknowledgment (Optional)

-Formatting of funding sources

Reference: IJSSER allows a maximum of 25 to 30 references from well-known journals such as Elsevier journals, Scopus journals, WOS journals. All the references to the end list should be given a citation in the main text of the body.

APA Style: All the citations and references should be constructed in APA style 6th Edition. The few and common reference resource styles are given below.  

The author can visit here for detailed information on citing in APA style.

APA Style 6th Edition Examples

Form Online Journal with DOI: Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of the article. Title of Journal, volume number, page range. https://doi.org/10.0000/0000

Example: Mehboob, F., & Othman, N. (2020). Examining the Links Leading to Behavioral Support for Change: An Expectancy Theory Perspective. International Journal of Social Sciences and Economic Review, 2(4), 1-08. https://doi.org/10.36923/ijsser.v2i4.78

From Newspaper Articles: Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of the article. Title of Newspaper. Retrieved from http://www.someaddress.com/full/url/

Example: Gendron & B. Burlingham (1989, April). The entrepreneur of the decade: An interview with Steve Jobs, Inc., 114-128.

Form Books: Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location: Publisher. (visit here for more information on how to cite a book.)

Example: Carland, J.W. & J.A. Carland (1999).  Small business management: Tools for Success (Second Edition).  Houston, TX: Dame Publishing.


Please use correct English (American or British) when writing the article. Both are permissible, but not a mixture of these. Authors who think their English language work requires editing to correct grammatical or spelling errors while adhering to appropriate scientific English may utilize the English Language Editing service.

Types of the article

IJSSER welcomes all types of articles, including theoretical and empirical research. However, IJSSER will not accept any paper that falls outside of the scope.

Data Statement

To ensure transparency, we recommend that you include the data source in your submitted study. This can be obtained from your founding organizations. The statement will be included in your published work if the data is secret.

For the Data, table, and Format

Please download the journal format in Word (.docx) and follow the journal’s format to arrange the data, content label, abstract, headings and subheading format, table, and figure format.

Download the Sample_paper.docx

& visit the formatting guideline page https://ijsser.com/ijsser/FormattingGuidelines

Author Contribution

We recommend that you include an author contribution statement that details your specific individual contribution to the work.

Changes to authorship

Authors are expected to add the list of the authors carefully before submission (means at the time of initial submission).  If any modification, addition, or deletion in the authors' list, should be made after the acceptance and according to the journal policy. You can request via email to the editor of the journal.

Peer Review process

To maintain the quality of the content and academic standards, JISSER follows the Double-blind peer-review process. We accept the manuscript through OJS online submission, which helps us make the review process easy and fast. IJSSER research team will occasionally seek advice from outside reviewers with specific expertise. If they find an ethical severe or significant issue in the submission, the editor will decline the submission. For more details follow this link: Click here

After the Acceptance

After the acceptance, we will ask you to submit the work in the journal-recommended format and send you the copyright agreement via email. We recommend you resubmit your article file and agreement letter within a particular time range to avoid late publication. Our production editor will get out to you for assistance and final proofing.